Notification Regarding Timberline High School

Notification Regarding Timberline High School
Posted on 09/15/2023
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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Dear Boise School District Parent/Guardian & Staff:

We are sending this notification today due to a situation that has garnered a lot of attention in the news and social media during the course of the past two weeks.  

The Boise School District recently placed Laura Boulton, a teacher at Timberline High School, on paid administrative leave pending an investigation in accordance with Board Policy 5210 - Administrative Leave. Personnel matters, such as this, are of a highly sensitive nature and both Idaho law and district policy are written to protect the rights and privacy of all individuals involved. 

Under Idaho Code 74-106, we cannot disclose most information related to individual personnel matters.  We are allowed to disclose the employee’s status and address what is not relevant to the situation. Only with the permission of the employee in question can we release all the facts.

The limited information we are legally allowed to provide to parents, the public and the media often leads to the rapid spread of speculation and misinformation. While we cannot publicly address every suspicion, allegation or complaint, we can provide the following facts regarding the current situation:

  1. Any reports of sexual harassment or assault that have been brought to the attention of the District have been investigated in accordance with Federal Title IX law and District Title IX policies and procedures. Protecting students is always the centerpiece of these investigations. 
  2. The rumors and speculation circulating in the media, about why Ms. Boulton is on administrative leave, are not correct. Ms. Boulton was not placed on administrative leave for reporting acts of sexual assault and/or harassment, or any other report from Ms. Boulton regarding harassment, bullying or abuse. She was also not placed on leave for any behaviors that occurred prior to 2023. 
  3. The teacher evaluation that is being circulated by a student and shared with the media outlets and social media is not Ms. Boulton’s actual evaluation that is in her personnel file, nor was it ever placed in her personnel file.

We understand and appreciate that parents and students form relationships with their teachers. While a disruption in that relationship can be difficult, it is sometimes necessary to ensure that we are able to conduct a neutral fact-finding investigation and to protect the educational environment for all involved.

Parents, staff and students expect schools that will be safe and welcoming. We take this responsibility seriously. Thank you for your patience, your engagement in your child’s education and thank you for your support of Boise schools.


Boise School District